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7/24/2009, part 2  
12:13pm 24/07/2009
My package is here! My package is here! My package is here!

I have a lolita coordinate again. Thank god, because I was kind of dying without frills. I haven't had the chance to unpack it yet, but just...

Lolita = very positive thing!!!
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10:35am 24/07/2009
I love Summer. Hot weather is awesome. I feel so comfortable now. It was 90 degrees out yesterday and I was thrilled. I hope it gets just that hot today.
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05:38pm 20/07/2009
Today's positive thing is "having a healthy sense of humor", or "humour" if that's the way you swing. So, I ran around at work all day and got tons of shit done, very important shit, maybe even vital shit. Then come 4:45p with just 15 minutes left to the day I had to run to the restroom. It's got a nice big mirror and the same fluorescent lighting as the rest of the building. I saw myself on the way into the stall and realized...

My bra has been showing through my damn shirt the whole day! I kid you not. I've got a lavendar shirt that's summer weight, but I thought it was opaque. I have all new bras, 3 black and one beige (really why are you reading my blog if you worry about TMI). I couldn't find a brown one. See, I'm brown so my "neutral" is brown, not beige. Beige is like me wearing a bright white bra. I grabbed the first bra I had my hands on this morning and just ran with it, not realizing that I set myself up to flash people all day with the beige bra. So, yeah: bra showing all day.

The most awesome part and the part that makes this today's positive thing is that when I saw the effect I had going on... I laughed! I had a little guffaw in the ladies restroom while washing my hands. Then I tittered all the way back to my desk. I still have a little smile. I am slightly wrong. ;)
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12:17pm 17/07/2009
Yesterday's positive thing kept me too busy to post. I have a Kindle. Oh, I love it! It is so awesome. It even has basic web (I was trying out a fanfic archive) and wikipedia. Really, really awesome way to spend a bonus. I had thought I was going to get a pair of boots, but Kindle is way better.

Now to figure out if I would get better enjoyment out of visiting San Diego to see Stark Sands in a play or rebuilding my lolita wardrobe. I'm kind of leaning towards lolita actually. Even though I hear that he sings quite a few songs in this play, I'm just not sure about going since San Diego isn't really a city on my "to do" list.
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01:29pm 15/07/2009
Most positive thing about today is: free weekly newspapers. I just found out about a play opening this weekend in Denver called Die Mommie Die! The exclamation mark actually belongs to the play, not just my exuberance. It was a play years ago in NYC, then was a movie. I saw the movie and thought it was awesome. Now must see this play. You should probably go see it, too.

Go to Avenue Theater for all the details and ticket sales!

ETA: Tomorrow's positive thing is in the mail, but I don't want to tell yet because I'm saving its awesome effect for later. But if I don't post tomorrow, rest assured that there was a positive thing and I'm doing great!
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10:04am 14/07/2009
Today's positive thing is working your ass off and finally getting recognition for it. My company has figured out our end of fiscal year business. This year's raise is actually a little higher than (pre-recession) inflation, unlike the 2 previous years' raises. Hurray, I'm now making the same amount of money (by buying power) that I earned 2 years ago.

But also... there's a cash bonus! I think I'm going to buy a pair of boots that I've been wanting for a year. It's pretty awesome!
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yesterday's positive thing  
02:59pm 09/07/2009
So, there was that whole blood thing and I limped home crying yesterday. It took a bit of searching, but I found my positive thing. It was on Netflix, which is turning out to be quite reliable. It's Dead Like Me! I love that show. I discovered last night that there is a DLM movie! I have decided to hold off on watching it until I finish with season 2. As I'm still on season 1, that may be a little while.

But Dead Like Me! That's totally positive.
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05:54pm 08/07/2009
For the record: I have cramps, a headache that's going on three days, a less than stellar work performance review and I'm the last person sitting in the office. Also, I tried to help some asshole stranger out by giving blood today. The left arm was my first choice, but a bruise exploded under my skin immediately and the tech had to do the other arm instead. After I came back to my desk, I discovered that I had to set up classrooms (which is a heavy lifting task) and all of the coworkers had conveniently left, like we're fucking union. I caught one girl who agreed to do the heaviest lifting. After she left, I took the lighter stuff to the room. It still hurt and I re-opened one of my wounds and bled on myself! I'm ready to cry now.

My positive thing was going to be micro urban gardens. I walked by neighbors growing corn in the city's grass strip between the sidewalk and the street during lunch. It made me kind of happy. But now, no! I will try to find a different, more effective positive thing on the way home or at home later.
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08:01pm 07/07/2009
Today's positive thing is happy hour. Well, I had several positive things I could write about, but happy hour is still affecting me, so.... I went with a co-worker to a dive bar and it was awesome.

But I've got work to do, so I shall try to sober up a bit. I have a vacation to plan. I might be able to actually manage two this year! Go me!
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11:19pm 06/07/2009
I've heard I'm a Negative Nancy, so I'm going to post positive things here.

Today's positive thing is a British show called The IT Crowd. It's about a trio of misfits in a crazy corporate I.T. department. There were six episodes in the first series and I just watched them all on Netflix, back to back. I LOL'ed, terrifying my cat.
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