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a letter to Simon & Schuster  
07:02am 15/04/2010
I have recently purchased the book "Sarek" by A.C. Crispin through Amazon for my Kindle. I usually "purchase" more free books than priced ones since I'm such a voracious reader, but this book was one I was willing to pay for. I made this decision based on the $8.99 price tag. Then I got my e-receipt from Amazon and found that I had been charged sales tax as well.

I understand that legally there are some states in which you must charge sales tax. But please realize that your company is now the only publisher that stands out in my mind; you're "the one that costs 'extra'". I will be watching for your books in the future so that I don't have the same feeling I did from this one.

I'm really into Star Trek's Vulcans lately and would like to read more books on them. Please do all you can to lower your books' price tag so that combined with the tax it's not such a shock.

Also, I noticed that Kindle's "Text to Speech" is disabled for this book. It doesn't really affect my decision to buy, but that does influence how I respond to the price. Part of my work day is massive amounts of mindless data entry; I greatly enjoy listening to books while I do it then reading regularly during breaks and before and after work.

I understand that you have all sorts of contractual obligations, but effort to address these issues would be appreciated. I make an effort to not be one of those annoying assholes spitting fire about how someone or something is wrong or has wronged me. Just... do what you can for one of your readers.

Thank you!

(feedback I sent them through their website)
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